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Are you working with a client interested in a backyard court?

We have simplified our process. Here's how it works:

Registered contractors & designers receive 5% off court kits and bulk net orders.

Note: Contractors & designers must be registered with DIY Court Canada & receive a discount code prior to order.


Step 1A:

DIY CC - Step 1 - DIY or Pro


Decide whether you wish to install yourself or have our team of installers complete a few or all aspects of the court project.

Note: All court elements are DIY & simplistic for any experienced contractor.

Step 1B:

Once the court area is determined & dimensions established it's time to go through the client checklist.

  1. What sports does the client want to use the court for?
  2. Do the court dimensions accommodate that?
  3. What accessories are needed?
  4. Is ball containment soft fencing required?
  5. Is night-use desired? LED Lighting?

Step 2:

DIY CC - Step 2 - Customize your court

Customize your court with our Court Designer today. Here's a link:

Step 3:

DIY CC - Step 3 - Place Order

Go through our "Products & Services" and select all required items.

Click on the shopping cart in the top right to "check-out".

Step 4:

DIY CC - Step 4 - Schedule Delivery

Await your emailed order confirmation & follow-up email from our team to confirm order details & coordinate your preferred delivery time.

Step 5:

DIY CC - Step 5 - Assemble

Receive the order, assemble & you're done!

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