Laykold® Advantage Color is comprised of factory textured colors using a select blend of silica sands unlike the standard colorcoat concentrate. Batch mixing is simplified, resulting in superior quality control and a consistent surface pace regardless of location or applicator.

Laykold® is an acrylic sports surfacing system that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability, and appearance. It's the official surface of prestigious events such as the US OPEN, MIAMI OPEN, DALLAS OPEN, and more. From acrylic resurfacer and deep patch binder to color coat concentrates and textured line paint, DIY Court Canada is your authorized local distributor.

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Standard Colors

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Tournament Colors

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Vibrant Colors

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Chosen by tennis clubs and homeowners across Canada.

At DIY Court Canada, we supply Laykold®, the acrylic sports surfacing system chosen by tennis clubs and homeowners across Canada. We are your authorized distributor, providing quality materials for all your tennis & pickleball court needs.