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Tennis Court Kits:

The most advanced tennis court tile on the market today, providing a durable, yet comfortable surface that delivers great ball response and consistent bounce.


  1. The patented six-point interlocking buckle system allows for secure and hassle-free installation.

  2. In addition, our courts are constructed from ¾” shock-absorbing tiles that reduce fatigue, which means that players can play better for longer.

  3. ITF CERTIFICATION - VersaCourt outdoor court tile surfaces have been tested and rated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

  4. VersaCourt tennis courts are fracture-resistant and provide an exceptionally durable surface that stands up to harsh weather conditions and aggressive play.

    The best part is, VersaCourt tennis court systems can be installed directly over your existing surface in a matter of hours, eliminating frequent repair and resurfacing costs.


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