Built to outlast. Limited lifetime warranty.

Product Details

Height Adjustability

City Hoops Silver: 5' to 10'
City Hoops Gold: 5' to 10'
City Hoops Platinum: 5' to 10'
City Hoops Diamond: 5' to 10'
City Hoops Fixed Height: None
City Hoops Gooseneck+: None
City Hoops Traveler: 6' to 10'

Backboard Size

City Hoops Silver: 54"x36"
City Hoops Gold: 60"x36"
City Hoops Platinum: 72"x42"
City Hoops Diamond: 72"x42"
City Hoops Fixed Height: 72"x42"
City Hoops Gooseneck+: 72"x42"
City Hoops Traveler: 72"x42"

Overhang At 10' (Regulation)

City Hoops Silver: 3'
City Hoops Gold: 4'
City Hoops Platinum: 4'
City Hoops Diamond: 5'
City Hoops Fixed Height: 4'
City Hoops Gooseneck+: 5'11"
City Hoops Traveler: 46"


All City Hoops Basketball Hoops are constructed of galvanized steel, black powder coat finish, and stainless steel hardware allowing us to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty covering all basketball play.


Why Choose In-Ground

Our in-ground basketball hoops are constructed with the highest quality materials, featuring galvanized steel that ensures durability and longevity. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, these hoops won't fall over or budge when you shoot, providing stability for the ultimate playing experience. Unlike traditional water-filled hoops, our in-ground models allow for dunking without worry.

Plus, if you decide to move, you can take your hoop with you! Simply install a new in-ground anchor kit at your new location for continued enjoyment.

What's Included

Our basketball system comes complete with everything you need for the perfect game. Inside the box, you'll find the anchor kit, backboard, post, extension arms, and all required hardware for easy assembly. Fitted all weather pole padding is included with all City Hoops basketball hoops to ensure worry-free enjoyment.

Rest assured, printed instructions are included in the box for straightforward setup. Additionally, you can access these instructions in our resource center for early installation of the footing or incase you lose the printed copy.

Please note that concrete mix for the in-ground footing is not included.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

City Hoops Basketball Hoops are built to outlast and offer a limited lifetime warranty covering all basketball play. It is constructed of galvanized steel, black-powder coat finish, and stainless steel hardware. You can contact us with any issues, if any and our DIY Court Canada team will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer installation?

We sure do! Our professional team of install will complete the excavation of the footing, removal of substrate, provide concrete, installation of anchor, and final assembly of your hoop.

Please contact us to confirm location and schedule a time.

Public locates will have to be completed prior to excavation.