Portable vs. in-ground net systems.

Portable systems is your best choice when your area is multi-use or building a multi-sport court. Depending on your level of play, there are a couple of options including a professional portable system. In-ground systems are permanently installed in ground and withstand the heaviest use.

Do you offer installation?

We sure do! Our professional team installs all products including post or basketball footings and assembly of all accessories and court kits. Please contact us to confirm location and schedule a time. Public locates will have to be completed prior to any excavation.

Can I install post footings or basketball hoops before my court arrives?

Of course! Basketball hoop systems or in-ground footings can be installed while your court is in production. As we work with many home builders, a lot of courts get put in production before the concrete or asphalt base is installed.

Are these in-stock and available?

We stock and deliver Canada-wide. Pick-up is also available from our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario. Some multi-adjustable post and net systems are made to order.

Please contact us to confirm at 905-232-3492 (local) or 1-833-287-3492 (toll-free).